January 29, 2018
On January 26, 2018 KarRC RAS was visited by Tarvo Nieminen, Head of the Petrozavodsk Office of the Consulate General of Finland in St. Petersburg.
KarRC RAS Acting President Olga Bakhmet told the guest about the Centre’s activities and the prospects for international cooperation with Finland. The visit included an excursion to the Precambrian Geology Museum of the Institute of Geology KarRC RAS and a tour of the abnormal timbers collection of the Forest Research Institute KarRC RAS. Summing up, the participants of the meeting expressed a hope for further cooperation.

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January 26, 2018
On January 25, 2018 KarRC RAS Learned Council had a meeting devoted to the key outcomes of the scientific and administrative activities of KarRC RAS scientific institutes in 2017. Reports about the work of their respective institutes were presented by: Dr. V.A. Ilyukha (Acting Director of the Institute of Biology), Dr. D.A. Subetto (Acting Director of the Northern Water Problems Institute), Dr. S.A. Svetov (Acting Director of the Institute of Geology), Dr. A.M. Kryshen’ (Acting Director of the Forest Research Institute), Dr. V.V. Mazalov (Acting Director of the Institute of Applied Mathematical Research), Dr. T.V. Morozova (Acting Director of the Institute of Economics), Dr. O.P. Ilyukha (Acting Director of the Institute of Linguistics, Literature and History).