October 30, 2020
KarRC RAS delivered its proposals regarding thematic priorities for the upcoming Interreg Baltic Sea Region programme
Karelian Research Centre RAS took part in the session Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Dialogue: Joint Actions and Priorities 2021+ held online on October 26, 2020 within the International Strategic Planning Leaders Forum. The speaker for KarRC RAS at the session was Head of the Department for International Cooperation Pavel Petrov.
The session was organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Russian National Sub-Committee of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020, St. Petersburg Committee for External Relations, Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme Managing Authority/Joint Secretariat, ICSER Leontief Centre, St. Petersburg.
At the session, major results of cross-border cooperation projects in the Baltic Sea Region implemented in 2018-2020 were presented. The participants also discussed the prospects for further cooperation between Russian regions and their European partners in BSR in 2021-2027.
The Russian National Sub-committee of the programme, in which KarRC RAS is a member, shared their opinion on thematic priorities for the upcoming programme, considering national and regional sustainable development goals for constituent entities of Russia and the North-Western Federal District, and briefly introduced the projects its specialists are involved in BSUIN - working to build and promote the network of underground laboratories in the Baltic Sea Region; SEMPRE - designed to empower socially disadvantaged groups through their involvement in social service development and initiation of start-ups and businesses; WAMBAF-Tool Box - promoting forestry practices that reduce nutrient and hazardous substances input to regional and coastal waters in the Baltic Sea Region.
Head of the Department for International Cooperation Pavel Petrov introduced the session audience to proposals from KarRC RAS regarding thematic priorities for the new programme. These proposals follow three major vectors (Potential for investments; Efficient management of natural resources and territorial development; Institutional potential for inter-regional cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region), and are associated with issues such as advancement of research and innovation infrastructure, environmental security in the region, elimination of detrimental industrial impact, joint development of conservation areas; strengthening of the role of youth organizations.

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