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Новые методы технологической минералогии при оценке руд металлов и промышленных минералов
Ред. В.В. Шипцов.
Сборник научных статей по материалам российского семинара по технологической минералогии. Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2009. 188 с.
New Technological Mineralogy Methods for Evaluation of Metallic and Industrial Mineral Ores. / Edit. V.V. Shchiptsov. Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, 2009. 188 p.

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Articles in proceedings:

Pirogov B.I. Ontogenetic analysis of useful minerals: the basis for revealing and evaluation of the technological properties of minerals7
Voytehovsky J.L. Technological mineralogy and modal analysis of rocks under the microscope16
Shchiptsov V.V. Methods for prediction of the technological properties of industrial minerals (examples from the Republic of Karelia’s mineral raw materials base)20
Ozhogina E.G. The applied mineralogy of manganese ores of Siberia28
Sokolova V.N., Martinova T.A., Losev J.N., Shuvalova J.N. Mineralogical technological substantiation methods of complex chemical metallurgical processing of hard concentrating manganic raw material32
Yakushina O.A., Sycheva N.A., Ozhogina E.G. Morfometric investigation of Fe- and Mn-bearing ores40
Fainshtein G.G., Kuzmin V.I., Komaritski S.I., Korepanov V.B. Mineralogical researches at the estimation of quality of raw materials (on the example of tactite iron ores of mineral occurrence A4, Subpolar Ural)45
Sicheva N.A., Azarnova L.A. Modern methods of applied mineralogy in the estimation of technological properties of magnetite skarn ores52
Savva N.E., Paljanova G.A. Au and Ag sulphides in ores from epithermal deposits59
Ozhogin D.O., Dubinchuk V.T., Orlova N.I., Ruzhitski V.V., Vlasov N.G. The Malomir deposit disperse gold and its extraction potentiality70
Rakov L.T., Dubinchuk. V.T. New methods of approach to quality evaluating of quartz resources78
Skamnitskaya L.S., Danilevskaya L.A. Choice of methods of quartz processing according to impurity distribution and occurrence forms (by the example of Melomais and Fenkina-Lampi occurrences)83
Bubnova T.P., Garanja A.V. Characteristics of the anortozit technological mineralogy - raw multi-purpose94
Gerasimova L.G., Maslpva M.V., Hohula M.S. Mineral waste: a raw material for pigment, filler and sorbent production100
Lusin V.P. The technological mineralogy of Champulovsk talk ores deposite in South Ural103
Nasedkin V.V., Vasiliev A.L., Boeva N.M. Results of investigation of some foliaged and banded silicates on nanolevel, possibility of using of results for decision of technological problems112
Kornilov A.V., Ligina T.Z., Naumkina N.I., Permakov E.N., Haidarov Sh.H. Physico-chemical processes have running in clay raw material in consequence of elektrokinetic influence118
Trofimova F.A., Demidova N.I., Ligina T.Z., Gubaidulina A.M., Trofimov L.V. The technology of bentonite clays activation, their modification and the results of organobentonite adaptation as available thermoregulator of elastomers121
Luzin V.P., Mezhuev S.V., Luzina L.P., Permiakov E.N., Lukin A.A. The importance of technology mineralogy in a choice of directions of using the clay materials from stripping of the deposit of phosphorites sofronovskoe126
Kornilov A.V., Grevtsev V.A., Permakov E.N., Nikolaev K.G. Structured-mineral changes of zeolitecontaining raw material after electricmassclassification130
Kevlich V.I., Filippov M.M. Production of concentrates and monomineral fractions of anthraxolite from Karelian bitumolitic rocks136
Ilyina V.P., Lebedeva G.А., Inina I.S. Study of phase transformations upon formation of ceramic materials with different mineral fillers142
Lebedeva G.A. Electron microscopy and microanalytical study of the chemical heterogeneity of titaniferous glasses146
Myasnikova O.V., Shekov V.A. Changes in the strength properties of igneous rocks upon technological conversion during aggregate production149
Kotova O.B. Technological mineralogy of the Komi Republic’s mineral products156
Tropnikov E.M., Kotova O.B. Hydrocarbon raw materials: new technologies160
Shekov V.A. Modern requirements for talc-carbonate dimension stone161
Kazdim A.A. Modern problems in Russian archaeological mineralogy164
A talanted geotechnologist and inventor (in commemoration of Boris Andereyevich Ostashchenko)171
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