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Technological mineralogy, methods for recycling of mineral products and new materials. Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre of RAS, 2010. 192 p.

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Articles in proceedings:

Pirogov B.I. Modern problems of technological mineralogy7
Jusupov T.S. New technological methods for processing and use of mineral products by changing the structure and properties of minerals23
Oxhogina E.G., Rogozhin A.A. Basic fields of mineralogical study of ores in developing complete processing technologies27
Ligina T.Z., Kornilov A.V. Mineralogical and technological evaluation of nonmetallic raw material: expected dressability and quality of finished products31
Shchiptsov V.V., Skamnitskaya L.S., Bubnova T.P., Danilevskaya L.A. Contribution of the geological, mineralogical and technological studies conducted by the Institute of geology at the KarRC, RAS, to estimation of the republic of Karelias mineral potential37
Neradovsky Y.N., Voitekhovsky Y.L., Karpov S.M. New data on the engineering properties of Keivy kyanite ores55
Vahrushev A.V., Kotova O.B. Aluminum raw, new methods and approaches of deep and complex processing65
Rakaev A.I., Neradovsky Y.N., Chernousenko E.V., Morozova T.A. Engineering characteristics of coppernickel ores in serpentinites (examples from Pechenga)68
Sorokin V.A., Neradovsky Y.N., Kasikov A.G. Structure of overblown low-sulphur fine regulus and its carbonylation residues74
Turesebekov A.H., Shamaev O.T., Sharipov H.T.,Vasilevsky B.B., Baranova T.M. Structure of overblown lowsulphur fine regulus and its carbonylation residues78
Shamaev O.T., Turesebekov A.H., Ignatenkov E.N. Engineering mineralogy of secondary ores from the united tailings storage of the Almalyk mining and metallurgical plant (AMMP)82
Vishnakov A.K., Moloshtanova N.E. Technological mineralogy of the potassium salts on stage of the geological exploratory work86
Luzin V.P., Vafin R.F., Permakov E.N., Kuznetsov O.B., Luzina L.P., Gubaidulina A.M., Kuznetsova V.G., Ahijarova A.V. Complex mineralogical and technological researches of graphitic ores of Chebere field in Saha Republic (Yakutia)91
Jakushina O.A., Ozhogina E.G., Anufrieva S.I. Preliminary determination of brown coal washability using optical microscopy and X-ray tomography101
Rakov L.T., Dubinchuk V.T. Physical aspects of quartz concentration processes103
Danilevskaya L.A., Skamnitskaya L.S. Muscovitic quartzites from the Vostochnaya khizovaara deposit108
Kremenetskaya I.P., Vasiljeva T.N., Koritnaya O.P., Skamnitakaya L.S., Bubnova T.P. Features of the diatomites composition and sorption properties Karelian-Kola region120
Gerasimova L.G., Maslova M.V., Nikolaev A.I. Mineral and synthetic sorbents in water waste treatment technology127
Levchenko M.L., Gubaidulina A.M. Evaluation of the engineering properties of glauconite-bearing sand by technological mineralogy methods131
Garanzha A.V. Features of the Freen Hillplot geological structure at the deposits of soapstone Ozerki (North-Western Karelia)138
Ilyina V.P., Lebedeva G.A., Klimovskaya E.E., Inina I.S. The study of soapstone from Ozerki prospect of the Kostomuksha greenstone structure as a raw material for construction ceramics144
Nurkanov E.Y. The decision of problems of technological mineralogy by means of the automated optikogeometrical analysis150
Voitekhovsky Y.L., Grishin N.N., Neradovsky Y.N., Kasikov A.G. Keivy kyanite ores Russias potential raw materials base: a technological-mineralogica155
Bubnova T.P. Microhardness of the garnet157
Leonenko N.A., Gurman N.A., Banshchikova T.S. The effect of laser radiation on mineralogical units that contain "non-recoverable" gold161
Shakirzanova D.P., Vishnakov A.K., Kozleneeva L.P. Complex use of the polyhalite ores162
Vishnakov A.K., Shakirzanova D.P., Husnutdinov V.A. Reception of the new type of the fertilizer sulphonitrokalimag from polyhalite ores165
Kevlich V.I. Methods for extraction of minerals from rapakivi granites of the Salmi massif, Karelia167
Shekov V.A., Myasnikova O.V, Ivanov A.A. Soapstone: its properties and ways of use170
Memory B.M. Shmakin (1931 2009)175
Memory L.L. Grodnitsky (1935-1998)178
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