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Biodiversity of Fennoscandia (diversity, human impact, nature conservation)
Biodiversity of Fennoscandia (diversity, human impact, nature conservation)
Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre of RAS, 1997.

Abstracts in proceedings:

Volkov A.D., Gromtsev A.N. Methodological problems of biodiversity studies
V. Vuorio. Landuse explaining landscape
K. Yakovlev. Coleoptera associated with polypore fungi in Koitajoki-area
V.F. Yudina. The diversity of meadows on the Kizhi and Volkostrov Islands, Karelia
T.V. Zhilina. Soil properties spatial variability and it's connection with meadow phytoconosis biological diversity
A.P. Tsarev. Methodical approaches to intraspecific diversity study of forest tree species
Trenin V.V., Ilinov A.A., Chistyakov B.A. Population studies of conifers in Karelia
A.V.Talanov, S.N.Drozdov, V.K.Kurets, E.G.Popov, L.A.Obshatko. Study of the biodiversity of sphagnum mosses by methods of planned multifactorial experiment and mathematical modelling
Sonina A.V., Fadeeva M.A. The dynamics of rock lichen associations depending on substrate humidity
E.I. Sinkevich. Anthropogenic aspects of disturbances in the diversity of karelian flora
Sazonov S.V., Kravchenko A.V. The role of protected nature territories in maintaining biodiversity in Eastern Fennoskandia
K. Salovaara. Valuing biodiversity - inventory of some herbs of economical potential in rural villages of North Karelia biosphere reserve in Ilomantsi, Finland
E.A. Rumyantsev, E.P. Ieshko, Yu.Yu. Barskaya. To the study of biodiversity of fish parasite fauna in the lake Ladoga basin
T.I. Regerand, L.V. Dubrovina. Acidification of water as a factor of influence on water organisms lipid status stability
A.A. Prokhorov, E.A. Platonova, T.Y.Dyachkova. Rare plant species and phytocenosises in botanical garden of Petrozavodsk State University
E.A. Platonova. The diversity of ecological conditions in ridge landscape of middle taiga
M.N. Osipov, V.A. Bacalin, A.V. Markovskii. Information about the bryo- and lichenoflora of the Vodlozero National Park
N.V. Medvedev, S.V. Sazonov. Hydrophilous ornithofauna of the north-west Ladoga lake
V.A. Matiushkin, V.I. Sakovets. Changes induced in the biodiversity of paludified pine biocenoses by drainage
A.V. Markovskii, N.V. Omelchak, N.V. Babina, I.A. Baryshev. The floral data concerning the characteristic of spruce old growth forests
A.I. Maksimov, T.J.Hokkanen. Bryophyte biodiversity of old spruce forests in the North Karelia Biospheric Reserve, Finland
O.A. Makarova. Biodiversity the nature reserves of Murmanks region
V.A. Lebedev. Experience of making a complex description of a region's coverage by studies and ecological problems in a Data Base System
N.P. Larionova. Biodiversity of meadow phytocenoses on the Karelian side of the Finnish-Karelian border
G.F. Laidinen. Biodiversity of meadow phytocenoses on the islands of lakes Onega and Ladoga
O.L. Kuznetsov, A.I. Maksimov and T.A. Maksimova. Higher plant flora of mires in the Koivu-Lambasuo Wildlife area, Southern Karelia
O.L. Kuznetsov. The floristic classification of mire vegetation of Karelia
V.K. Kurets, S.N. Drozdov. Ecophysiological characteristics of plants as an element of biodiversity assessment at the intra- and interspecies levels
P.V. Krasilnikov, Starr M. Plant species diversity and soil cover structure in North European Forests
A.V. Korosov, A.P. Kutenkov. The cases of dominance of rare species of rodents in Karelia
S.F. Komulaynen. A peculiarity of the periphyton taxonomy formation in some rivers of Northwestern Russia
M.V.Kashtanov. Flora of vascular plants of the Zaonezhskiy Peninsula
N.M.Kalinkina, L.I.Vlasova, A.R. Khasov. The decreasing of biodiversity in zooplankton communities of Karelian northern lakes on the influence of mineral pollution
N.V. Ilmast, O.P. Sterligova, V.Ya. Pervozvansky. Present condition of the ichthyofauna in some water bodies of the Ladoga lake basin
Iljinov A.A., Kharin V.N. Investigation of population structure of Picea X Fennica revel using multidimensional methods
Hokkanen T.J., Yakovlev E., Vuorio V., Arnold K., Salovaara K. & Tietфvфinen M. Fragmentation as a factor changing forest biodiversity
T.J. Hokkanen, L. Gruzdeva and E. Matveeva. Nematode fauna in different biotopes in finnish and Russian Karelia
T.J.Hokkanen, H. Hokkanen, P. Virkajarvi, R. Tuupanen & H. Huhta. Diversity of coleoptera in forest and semi-natural meadow as influenced by grazing of cows
E.P. Gnatiuk. Flora of vascular plants of middle Karelia: taxonomical and typological diversity
Germanova N.I., Fedorets N.G. Dynamics of soil microbe communities in the impact zone Kostomuksha pre-dressing mill
A.V.Freindling, A.R.Khazov, A.V.Ryabinkin. The comcept of a generalized database for assessment of the biodiversity of aquatic ecosystems
Evstratova L.P., Medvedeva M.V. Study of the biological activity of soils in potato cultivation
T.Y. Dyachkova. The age structure of protected plant cenopopulations: a criterion for assessment of their state
P.V. Druzhinin. Problems of the peripheral region (influence ecology on economy)
S.N. Drozdov, V.K. Kurets. Some aspects of the concept of forming the network of special protected nature territories in Karelia
Bondartseva M.A., Lositskaya V.M., Krutov V.I., Hokkanen T. Aphyllophoraceous fungi in coniferous stands of the North Karelian Biosphere Reserve as indicators of their state
I.A. Baryshev. Investigation of influence of technical area to Lososinca river
Sh. Baibusinov. Defining protected areas economically and ecologically
K. Arnold. The ecological significance of old growth forest fragments in the North Karelian Biosphere Reserve under a landscape ecological view
V.K. Antipin. Structural levels of mire diversity in Karelia
Ananyev V., Zaitseva N. Dynamics of the ground vegetation in long-drained pine stands
M.A. Bondartseva, V.M. Lositskaya, I.V. Zmitrovich V.L. Aphyllophoraceous fungi in coniferous stands of the Kotavaara site in North Karelian Biosphere Reserve as indicators of their state10
Vetchinnikova Lidia V. To the problem of the diversity of curly birch forms35
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