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Минералого-технологическая оценка месторождений полезных ископаемых и проблемы раскрытия минералов
Под ред. д.г.-м.н. В.В.Щипцова.
Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2011. 242 с.
Mineralogical and technological evaluation of useful mineral deposits and problems in mineral opening. / Edited by Vladimir V.Shchiptsov. Petrozavodsk: KarRC RAS, 2011. 242 p.

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Articles in proceedings:

Ozhogina Е.G., Rogozhin А.А. Technological mineralogy: innovative approaches to evaluation of mineral products7
Pirogov B.I. Modern problems in technological mineralogy at a mining concentration plant (exemplified by iron ore)12
Maltsev, K.R., Ustinov, S.А., Iyevlev, А.А. Seregovskoye rock salt deposit: a complex source of geomaterials for the Sosnogorsk alumina plant and the Yarega Mining and Chemical Plant under construction24
Shchiptsov V.V. Description of the typomorphic characteristics of Karelia’s major industrial minerals and the associated mineral facies of metamorphic rocks28
Silaev V.I., Khazov A.F., Piskunova N.N. Assessment of mineral deposits: chemistry, geochemistry or mineralogy?35
Kotova O.B. Technological mineralogy: new methods and approaches to the problem of mineral opening47
Lutoev V.P, Granovskaya N.V., Silaev V.I., Kochergin A.V., Lysyuk A.Yu. Characteristics and nanomineralogical criteria for technological estimation of natural superdispersed pigments50
Lebedev V.А., Yashinkina А.А. Zemlyansky V.N., Dovzhikova Е.L. Mineralogical characteristics of hardly dressable Fe-Mn ochres from the Middle Timan63
Novikov G.V. The sorbtion types of ferromanganese formations of World Ocean68
Kevlich V.I., Kukushkina P.I. On the textural and structural characteristics and grindability of Karelian chromite ores82
Taranina Т.I., Kabanova L.Y, Korolev А.S., Zyryanov F.А., Rakitin D.I. Development of technology for the recycling of the stabilized slag of low-carbon ferrochrome, produced by the CHEMK Open Joint-Stock Company with regards for its mineralogical and petrographic charact86
Vlasov N.G., Orlova N.I., Ozhogin D.O., Chistyakova N.I. Au mineral composition and finding formin primary and oxidized ores of Albin and Malomir deposits cause their treatment technology90
Gorbatova E.A. Mineralogical and technological studies of the tailings after separation of copper-zink ores from the Yubileynoe eposit Karelia97
Voytekhovsky Yu.L., Neradovsky Yu.N., Grishin N.N., Gershenkop A.Sh. Complex utilization of kyanite of the Bol’shiye keivy as a non-traditional raw material for the alumina production101
Voytekhovsky Yu.L., Neradovsky Yu.N., Grishin N.N. Rare earth elements in kyanite schists of the new Shuururta deposit111
Luzin V.P. Complex researches of longitudinal fibrous chrysotile-asbestos of the Bazhenovsky field118
Bubnova T.P., Shchiptsov V.V., Skamnitsaya L S. New approaches to the study of high-alumina raw materials of Karelia127
Danilevskaya Л.А., Skamnitskaya L.S., Dubinchuk V.Т., Rakov L.Т. Types of impurity phases and impurity elements extracted at different quartz dressing stages134
Svetova E.N., Kuznetsov S.K., Shanina S.N., Filippov V.N. Trace elements in quartz and superpurity raw quartz140
Frolov P.V., Lebedeva G.А., Ilyina V.P., Popova Т.V., Sokolov V.I. Preliminary geological and mineralogicaltechnological evaluation of various abstract formations of Karelian serpentinites147
Kormshchikova Z.I. Comparative analysis of high-modulus bauxites as raw material for construction material158
Kopeikin V.А. Utilization of toxic components upon bauxite ore reworking163
Nazarova L.Y., Goldin B.А., Nadutkin А.V. Shungite rock-based ceramic materials waste piles from Nefteshakht Yareganeft174
Kochetkov О.S., Zemlyansky V.N., Zager I.Y., Bilan V.А., Martynov D.А. On problems in the utilization of the waste piles from Nefteshakht Yareganeft179
Skamnitskaya L.S., Danilevskaya L.А. Preliminary data from the mineralogical and technological study of anorthosites from the Kolvitsa gabbro-anorthosite massif, Kola Peninsula181
Petrovsky V.А., Sukharev А.Е., Filonenko V.P., Vinogradov. Fundamental and applied study of micronanopolycrystalline diamond aggregates and their practical application190
Shekov V.A., Ivanov A.A, Myasnikova O.V. Tectonophysical aspects of the formation of technological properties of focks196
Kochetkov О.S., Solovyova О.V, Filippov V.N. On finely disperse Au-Ag-Cu-mineralization in Timan trappes201
Kochetkov, О.S., Lvov, А.E., Tropnikov, Е.М., Filippov, V.N. Technological accumulation of metal impurities in ash and slag from Vorkuta hard coal and utilization problems204
Gerasimova L.G., Maslova M.V. Mica mining wastes for decorative pigment production207
Bugaeva А.Y., Belyi V.А. The differential scanning calorimetry method for the study of nanomaterials210
Vaganov I.N., Levchenko Е.N., Funtikov B.V. The potential of FGUP IMGRE and the Bronnitsa Geological and Geochemical Expedition in technological mineralogy and mineral dressing methods213
Mustafin S.K., Burtan S.T. Mineral raw materials for asphalt concrete manufacture: resources, manufacture, demand and quality215
Yury Leonidovich Voytekhovsky221
Member of the Bureau of the Commission on Technological Mineralogy of the Russian Mineralogical Association, Prof. Talgat Sungatullovich Yusupov, is celebrating his 75th birthday223
Member of the Academy of Sciences Nikolay Pavlovich Yushkin (75th birthday)225
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