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Проблемы рационального использования природного и техногенного сырья Баренцева региона в технологии строительных и технических материалов
В.В. Щипцов, О.Н. Крашенинников.
Материалы Второй международной научной конференции. Петрозаводск: КарНЦ РАН, 2005. 230 с.
Problems in the rational use of natural and technogenic raw materials from the Barents region in construction and technical material technology. Proceedings of Second International Conference. / Vladimir Shchiptsov, Oleg Krasheninnikov. Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Centre, 2005. 230 p.
Four main problems are considered in this book:
1) mineral resources potential of Barents region and possibilities of rational use;
2) problems of raw materials treatment and utilization of technogenic products for industry components (Barents region);
3) contemporary problems of material authority, construction technology and technical materials technology;
4) ecological problems of the mineral resource sector.
This book is meant for specialists of natural-scientific profile.

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Articles in proceedings:

A.B. Barkhatov. On component elements of the system of investments’ risks14
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from Makzapahk deposit (Kola Peninsula) and occurrence Vysota (Northern Karelia)
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resources of bentonite clays in the southern regions of Komi Republic
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R. Vartiainen. New natural stones from Northern Finland through a Regional exploration project33
L.I. Ganina, O.N. Krasheninnikov, F.D. Larichkin. Тechnological and economic aspects of the mining waste management for the building construction in the Murmansk region34
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L.A. Danilevskaya, L.S. Skamnitskaya. Possibilities of application of Karelian quartz in construction and technical materials54
I.N. Demidov, V.P. Iljina, T.S. Shelekhova, B.Z. Belashev, I.S. Inina. Possibilities of application of Karelian
D.V. Zhirov, V.V. Laschuk. The resources and demand for dark-colour dimension stone in the eastern part of the Baltic shield (Northwest Federal district of the Russian Federation)57
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pretreatment of shungite rock
A.P. Zosin, V.K. Samohvalov, V.A. Masloboev, V.A. Grigorjev. Application of technological adsorbents based on wastes from dressing of apatite-nepheline ores in deep processing of ores of complex mineral composition73
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of ceramic tiles
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V.P. Iljina, L.S. Skamnitskaya. Use of Karelian rocks for manufacture of ceramics and construction materials85
E.P. Kalinin. Mineral resources of construction materials in Komi republic87
A.M. Kalinkin, B.I. Gurevich, E.V. Kalinkina, V.V. Tyukavkina. Structural and chemical changes of gangue minerals during grinding and their influence on binding properties90
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of the Kola Peninsula and Republic of Karelia
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A.A. Pak, R.N. Sukhorukova. Structural features of semi-cylinders from cellular concrete for insulation of heat pipelines153
A.A. Pak, R.N. Sukhorukova. Technology and features of composite materials for fencing structures of buildings155
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H. Pirinen, S. Leinonen. Soapstone and it's properties166
H. Pihl. Customer based requirements as ruling limestone and lime production168
A.K. Polin, A.S. Skovrtsova. Use of geo-information system and Internet technologies for information support of processes of effective nature resources utilization in the Republic of Karelia170
A.I. Savitsky, A.V. Barkhatov. Radiohygienic assessment of construction materials taking into account to radon emission172
O. Selonen. Eco-efficient use of stone material from natural stone quarries175
L.S. Skamnitskaya, A.F. Bretskih, O.K. Fomin. Selective crushing of quartz by EHD method176
V.V. Strokova., R.V.Lesovik. M.S.Vorsina, V.G. Golikovt. Low water consumption binder on the base of activated filler178
A.V. Tyuremnov, E.K. Kopkova, P.B. Gromov, E.A. Shchelokova. Recovery of technical-grade mineral acids from copper-nickel process solutions181
M.M. Filippov, V.I. Kevlich, P.V. Medvedev. Bitumolite rocks of Onezshskaya structure – perspective raw material for manufacture of shungite concentrate183
P. Harma, H. Luodes, O. Selonen. Regional explorations of natural stone in Finland185
Y.M. Chernychov, N.D.Potamoshneva, O.R.Sergutkina. Experience is fundamental-applied of potential
technogenic products
V.A. Shekov. New methodological approaches in evaluating of block stone deposits189
V.A. Shekov. Stone industry in Republic of Karelia192
N.F. Shcherbina, T.V. Belyaeva, T.V. Kochetkova. Ceramic hardware from natural and technogenic sources of the Kola Peninsula195
V.V. Schiptsov. Natural construction materials (Republic of Karelia)197
V.V. Schiptsov, G.A. Lebedeva, G.P. Ozerova, V.P. Iljina. Potential raw materials base for organization of cement production in Karelia201
N.P. Yuskin, I.N. Burtsev. Geological and regional-economical factors for creation of new mineral raw materials flows in the european north203
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